Die Angst geht um (Single)
by Oansno

CD no.


Germany in May 2021: The republic, nervously worn down after more than a year of involuntary masquerade ball, debates itself into ever greater turmoil. That's when four Munich arch musicians treat listeners to a thought-provoking jolt with a dose of confidence with their new single "Die Angst geht um".

The ingredients are thereby completely free of harmful side effects:

While the lyrics address the current uncertainty with a touch of sarcasm, the music provides a pithy dose of joie de vivre and the urge to move. Menya, Michi, Philip and Franz, the multiple award-winning four from Oansno, throw all their musicality into this single. To the employment hearty blowing, blood circulation-promoting Reggae Grooves, a well-savored pinch Balkan sounds and casual bairischer singing come. That goes into the ear and into the legs, also under the skin, causes however definitely no Trombosen.

It is clear that the four Munich free spirits do not let themselves be harnessed to anyone's wagon. Lederhosen instead of Aluhütchen is the motto here. It's about a basic human need, not about ideology, about a smart post-pandemic perspective, about loosening up instead of "shutting everything down"...

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