• Early years: Robert Simon Thoma - a multi-faceted composer and musician - was born in Munich in 1965 and discovered his passion for music at an early age.
• The 80s: After intensive guitar studies, he immersed himself in the vibrant music scene, where he performed with various bands and perfected his skills as a guitarist.
• The 90s: Inspired by the diversity of music, Robert began studying piano and accompanied his musical journey by teaching guitar.
• The 2000s: This marked a significant turning point in Robert Simon Thoma's career. In 2000, he began working as a music producer with his own recording studio, where he perfected his deep understanding of film music and his keen sense of melody. During this time, he also released his debut album "Winter" under the renowned label BSC Music Germany, which marked the start of his remarkable musical career.
Further successes: In the years that followed, he worked as a composer, musician and producer for renowned labels and released a large number of albums and songs that underlined his artistic versatility.
International recognition: Robert Simon Thoma's music attracted attention not only in Germany but also internationally, leading to exciting collaborations with renowned labels and filmmakers.

•The present: Robert Simon Thoma continues his musical journey with unbridled enthusiasm and a modern creative vision. He continues to create inspiring sounds and take his audience on emotional adventures. A recently completed project is the captivating film "Tailwind - Time for Satisfaction", which captures the essence of humanity. This project was no ordinary production, but a breathtaking experience that took the audience on an odyssey through 14 countries all the way to Armenia. Robert Simon Thoma had the privilege of accompanying the talented filmmakers Anna Mühlberger and Moses Gsellman on their journey and creating the emotional foundation of this unique film with his music

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