Field Of Vision
by Urs Fuchs feat. Helmut Zerlett

CD no.

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The ten finely cut musical jewels on "Fields Of Vision" are the result of the congenial cooperation of two highly individualistic musicians with kindred spirits.
At a concert in Frankfurt in 1995 Urs Fuchs, well requested producer, session musician and long time member of popular German Folkpop Band Farfarello, for the first time bumped into Helmut "Jumpy" Zerlett, musical director of the "Harald Schmidt Show" (the German equivalent to David Letterman's famous "tonite"-show).

Soon after, the two multiinstrumentalists recorded this beautiful album - with a little help from high class musicians from the German studio scene such as Axel Heilhecker, Thomas Kagermann., Rosko Gee, Stefan Krachten  and Samson Gassana
And though the ten tunes  radiate a more silent kind of power, though this is music which takes its time to breathe, an attentive listener will hardly miss the fact that the sparks were flying during these sessions.
One can only wonder how Urs Fuchs got the patience to let these wonderfully relaxed and melodious musical landscapes (over which the charming voices of Isis Zerlett and Maria Motjêr float like fiendly clouds) rest for nearly eight years, before he finaly released them.

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