Light of the Moon - 25th Anniversary - Remastered with 4 Bonustracks
by Scholl, Bernd

CD no.


25 years ago the Bernd Scholl album "Light of the Moon" was released. It was the first Bernd Scholl production for the Prudence label of BSC Music. The album got good reviews and the tracks "Indian Full Moon Spirit", "Oriental Nights" and "Watermoon" became small "hits" in the field of cosmopolitan music and were (...and are) included on many compilations.

Bernd Scholl's Prudence label colleague Rüdiger Gleisberg has put together a video version of almost 30 minutes for six tracks of the anniversary album "Light of the Moon", which invites you to relax and unwind in our increasingly hectic times.
Bernd Scholl has re-mastered the "Light of the Moon" album and breathed even more depth and warmth into the varied tracks. In addition, there are three bonus tracks. The tracks "La Luna" and "Light in the Night" are from 1997, while "Moonrise" and Mysty Rain Moon" are brand new tracks.
Experience a "dream journey in the moonlight", with the 25th Anniversary Album "Light of the Moon" by Bernd Scholl.

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