The View From Here II - Live at the Church
by Scholl, Bernd


Bernd Scholl composed brandnew longtracks especially for “The View from here – Autumn Concerts 2016”, which took place in the Nicolaus- Copernicus-Planetarium, Nuremberg and the Holy Ghost Church, Erkrath. The Concert was recorded at the Holy Ghost Church, Erkrath . The atmospheric-magical Sound Journey, leads the Listener with a Caravan through the Sand of the Sahara Desert (track 1), further far away into a ancient Caravanserai (track 2) and in the colorful, mysterious World of Arabian (Track 3). Varied and treasured Sounds from different Cultures, surprise the Audience in this four Tracks with almost 34 Minutes, atmospheric Melange from World-, Ambient-, and Chillout. On his own, with passion and sensitiveness, Bernd Scholl also pleases again after 30 Years – Live – his Listeners. With this release, he continues his “The View from here” – EP Serie – with Part 2 – Live at the Church.

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