by Tibetrea

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Meidr spreads his branches beyond all worlds. Neither sword, nor storm, nor fire can make him fall.

At his roots resides the font of lore and Mimir is its keeper. As vast as the branches of a tree, the songs of Tibetréa spread into times long forgotten and realms unknown: from the mythology of the high north to the mediaeval Spain, from the rituals of the native Americans to the mystics of the Turks. The musicians call this mixture ‚Fantasy Folk‘. The gleemen of Tibetréa know how to combine Celtic and Native American Folk, new texts and mediaeval music. The twelve songs of their album ‚Mimirmeidr‘, which means ‚Tree of Mimir‘, descripe in iridescent colours the deep bonds with the elements fire, air, water and life. Close your eyes together with the shaman, to spread the wings of your soul and fly over the vastness of the world. Listen to the fate of the children of King Lir, who where doomed to scrape a bare living on the sea as four white swans. Then again, the rhythm of the ‘Circle Fire Dance’ will make you jump as it is emblazoning your heart by the magic of fire. The sound of multiple Instruments such as Hurdy Gurdy, Cister, Cornamuse, Recorder, Darabouka, Trumpet or Harp interweaves with the changeable voices of ‚Elizabeth of the sheep` and ‘Mirán, the poet’ to a moving music. With soothing melodies and rousing beats, they can evoke the mysterious and rough world of sagas, myths and legends.

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