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In 2007 - only two years after its formation - the didgeridoo and percussion band D-JAM-BE already hit the stages of the worldwide-known festivals "Swizzeridoo" and "Austria Didge Festival" as a scene newcomer and was celebrated by the international audience. The 14 multi-faceted instrumentals from the debut album "e.t.m." clearly show the gripping-rhythmic and powerful sound of the band. World music at its best!
The different musical backgrounds of the members ensure an enormous variety. The trance-like sequencer-structures of MarcIT form the impulsive basis, while Marco Ballack completes the didgeridoo sound with his pumping, progressive-rocking elements. The funky afro-latin-percussion of Marcus Weber swirls about this exceptional style-fusion, setting manifold and exciting emphases in the D-JAM-BE sound. Having two gifted didgeridoo players, D-JAM-BE is something special in the world music scene, moving the impressive resonance of this Australian indigenous instrument into the center of the sound of the band.
Exotic images and awesome natural spectacles appear before the closed eyes of the listeners, while the impellent-rhythmical grooves flow through the body and the D-JAM-BE sound unveils a fascinating musical experience.

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