Switzerland Live
by Scholl, Bernd

CD no.


Twenty years ago the Bernd Scholl album "Mystic Voyage" was released, which received excellent press reviews. The tour for the album release led Bernd Scholl in May 2000 as first German artist to the opening of the synthesizer museum "Synthorama" in Luterbach (near Solothurn) in Switzerland. There his concert was recorded and the recordings "slumbered" in the archive until today. Due to the "20th Anniversary" of "Mystic Voyage" Bernd Scholl remembered the recordings and has now selected six titles of the concert at that time - which are not yet available in live versions -, revised them for this EP and compiled the "Switzerland Live" tapes.

Special thanks go retrospectively to "Synthorama" owner Martin Hollinger who invited Bernd Scholl and also provided some "synthesizer treasures" from his museum (Moog Prodigy, Crumar Performer and Korg Poly 61, among others) for the concert.

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