Oben bleiben
by Ihre Motive

CD no.

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What takes a long time finally becomes good, or time does influence the creative result. And that is exactly what is now available with Oben Bleiben. IHRE MOTIVE are free of any pressure and far from all specifications fresh to work. The result is 14 tracks somewhere between megahit character and bulky punk rock anthems. To the point, the balancing act can also be called intellectual alternative punk.
Thereby YOUR MOTIVE have something to say. Lyrics that don't mince words - honest and socially critical. No remnants of yesterday at all. A debut that is actually not one! Singer Michael about the album: "It's just a great feeling to have finally arrived. Everything is in flow and fits together. You can hear that on the disc in every single song. Maybe you have to take detours sometimes to be able to deliver such a strong album.