by Isar-Mafia

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Take a lot of Rock n’ Roll, mix it with some Country, flavor it with Folk and serve the meal with bavarian lyrics, spiced with quip, charm and self-irony– that is ISAR-MAFIA’s EP with the perfect title BAVARICANA.
With the classic Rock n’ Roll set-up, drums (Al unter Palmen), double bass (Bullfiddle-Heinz) and two guitars (Little-John and the Doc) the ISAR-MAFIA released an authentic portrait of their work. „LederhosenCowboy Blues“ opens the EP with a tribute to the four guys hometown  Munich. Back in 2009, Florian Odendahl performed it on the tv-crime-show „SOKO München“ in his lead-part as „Doc Weissenböck“. For „In München san mir King“ they had Thomas Willmann join, who spreads a lot of country-feeling with his Pedal-Steel-Guitar. From now on the song should be blasting out of Munich’s Police cars... „Unter der Wittelsbacher Brück’n“ and „Sie hod’ mein Style“ brings out the softer tunes of the band, which works very well for them. „Es muss ein Sonntag g’wesen sein“ is known by every fan of old school bavarian folk music in the version of Kraudn Sepp and his zither. In their interpretation, the four guys are pushing them self with the added support of Florian Burgmayr and his bass tuba.

BAVARICANA is a great cross-section of the bands stage repertoire and makes you long for more...

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