A guada Dog
by Zweckinger

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Even those who make music in Bavarian dialect cannot avoid the omnipresent Anglicisms in everyday life. Zweckinger doesn't care, because they have always approached the colorful language stew in a playful way. That's why they have given their new CD/DVD the title "A guada Dog". If you want to get rid of the question mark above your head, you should take a look at the cover, because there he sits, the guade Dog.  Similarly, Zweckinger take little consideration of the usual customs in their lyrics. Familiar everyday experiences that you think you know are gradually becoming too turbulent, not to say crazy, stories under the influence of Zweckinger's typical lateral thinking. For the musical accompaniment of these dramas and comedies, ruthless versatility is the means of choice. With the concentrated power of two guitars, bass and drums, a swirling violin and many-voiced vocals, Zweckinger create so much lift that the style boundaries between folk, rock, country dance and pop are effortlessly blurred. All this results in an exciting mixture, which can be recorded in the recording studio and polished to a high gloss. Sounds good, and has been done several times, but isn't there something missing? Absolutely! The stomping, the singing and the heckling of a euphoric audience, the ramp sourness, the overflowing solo passages, the senseless fooling around, the hair-raising mishaps and the many touching moments. In other words, everything that has always made for an entertaining concert evening. And therefore it was high time for a live album. On the new CD / DVD "A guada Dog" Zweckinger make a fuss, so to speak. They present the best songs from more than 10 years of band history live on stage of one of their favorite clubs, the Kultur-Étage Riem in Munich and pump so much heart blood into it until the steam rises. A freshly attended concert could hardly be more invigorating and rousing.


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