Nine Popular Songs
by Folks play Cohen

CD no.

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"Folks play Cohen" do exclusively interpret songs by Leonard Cohen - in their own special way with keyboards, accordeon, acoustic guitar, double bass and three-part singing. The music has been re-arranged and the creative, often jazzy arrangements take the listener on a journey through Leonard Cohen´s life and add lightness without reducing the intensity of the lyrics / Produced by Jörg Müller and Claudia Rucker / Song arrangements by Jörg Müller and Ben Leinenbach / Recorded and mastered by Frenzy Erl @ Highline Studio, Munich / Coverdesign by Johanna Hammerdinger and Kai Burghold / Claudia Rucker - vocals / Jörg Müller - keyboards, accordeon, vocals / Ben Leinenbach - acoustic guitar, vocals / Robert Winkler - doublebass

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