Single "When We Were Young"
by Garden Gang

CD no.


Single and book release:

The soundtrack to the book, "When We Were Young" with song lyrics by British drummer Nelly (ex The Lurkers, Loaded 44 + HiFi Spitfires) who has been drumming in the gang since 2017, created to complement his book release "For Fück's Sake!".
Wild stories and incidents from the time of growing up with Glam, Punk and Rock N Roll in front of the stage, on the stage, backstage, On The Road as a drummer or tour driver to the Brexit and his move to Germany.
The single was produced, recorded and mixed by Frenzy Erl at Highline Studio Munich. This single will also be released in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies as a 7" version in colored vinyl (150 green + 150 yellow).
The first edition of the book is already sold out, but for the single release there will be a limited new edition, which will then also be available in a package with the single only in the Garden Gang Bandshop or at the live shows.          

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