by Spider Murphy Gang

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Before the Spider Murphy Gang signed their first record deal with EMI in 1979 for productions in the Bavarian dialect, the band was mainly on the road in Southern Germany in the Amiclubs, of course with Rock'n Roll songs in English. They were songs by Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and other Rock'n Roll greats. In 1978 they recorded this Rock'n Roll record with exactly such titles. At the mixing desk was Stefan Zauner, today front man of the Münchener Freiheit. At that time there were 3000 vinyl records as a one-time edition. Now 1000 CDs of this production were produced as a one-time special edition. 500 of them are now on the market. There will also be no reprints. All copies are originally signed by Barny Murphy and Günther Sigl.

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