Changing Times
by Humphrey, Albert C.

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Albert C. Humphrey, who grew up with his eight brothers and sisters in the ghettos of Los Angeles/California, discovered his love for the Blues at the early age of nine. The simple melodies and the mostly sad story lines were easy to understand. For him the Blues was a music, full of different stories about life, with so much more meaning. It wasn’t commercial and he thought each song was a true story.
Bobby Blue Bland was one of his favorite singers at that time. Although soul music from the Temptations, James Brown, The Four Tops, The Coasters, The Platters, The Drifters and Ike & Tina Turner and many other soul music bands was what everyone listened to at that time. Late at night, when everyone slept, his oldest brother Robert would listen to Jazz music on his small AM-FM-radio. When Albert C. Humphrey could not sleep, he would join his brother, who explained to him, what Jazz was all about. All of a sudden Albert C. Humphrey developed an interest for soft and smooth Jazz, whereas back in the late sixties and early seventies it was called cool Jazz. Growing up he learned to appreciate the music from great Jazz artists such as Wes Montgomery, The Jazz Crusaders, Miles Davis and fell in love with the voice from Billy Eckstein. Jazz had now become a big part of his life and he loved it, especially soft Jazz. Although he loved the Blues, he always dreamed in the back of his mind that one day he would write and compose his own smooth Jazz songs. In 2001 he had the time, the musicians and the urge to finally make one of his biggest dreams come true. The CD “Changing Times” was born. All songs with the exception of Berrus, were written and composed by Albert C. Humphrey. Berrus was written and composed by Steve Hooks, who also assisted Albert C. Humphrey in arranging most of his songs. Albert C. Humphrey wrote the title song “Changing Times” in order to remind the people of this world, that it is never too late to learn from mistakes of the past and that we should unite to rescue this wonderful planet earth. The song “Move on up” was dedicated to his son Jason and other kids his age, to make them aware of the fact, that no matter how hard life can be sometimes, you need to stay strong, stay focused and never give up, no matter what. One of the main things, that Albert C. Humphrey learned from his parents was, that “you have to believe in what you want, work hard to get it and if necessary harder, and most of all never give up until you have achieved your goal”. Sometimes you just have to do more in order to move on up. The remaining songs reflect true situations about the life of Albert C. Humphrey. He produced this CD with the intention of creating soft and smooth Jazz, so that everyone could understand and feel the songs that all have their message. He was accompanied on his journey producing this great Jazz CD by John Paiva (guitar), Daryll Taylor (bass guitar), Steve Hooks (saxophone), Ellmar Schmidt (drums), Hermann Breuer (trombone), Karen Edwards (piano on the song “It should have been you” and vocals on the song “Changing Times”), Michael Keul (drums), Manolo Diaz (bass guitar), Christian Lohr (piano) and Background vocals (Kerry Dooley, Errin Perry, Jade Jaguar, Karen Edwards, Martha Scheffel, Freddy Lee Strong and “The one world choir”). For someone who started out singing the Blues, one can really say, that Albert C. Humphrey has most definitely progressed

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