by ABM-Orchester

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"Anders" is the name of the fourth CD of the incredible "ABM Orchestra" of the Attl Foundation near Wasserburg am Inn. This rock band, which has existed since 2002, consists of 15 musicians with and without disabilities. Just like its predecessor "satt. (2012), "Anders" contains exclusively original compositions in Bavarian dialect. Stylistically the album moves between massive rock, tender folk passages, blues, chanson and swing and also finds borrowings from African, Latin American and Irish music. Most of the songs are written by the Wasserburger singer/songwriter Ben Leinenbach, but band guitarist Harry Schuster and trumpeter as well as singer Bettina Hintermayr have also contributed pieces. The production took three years (2017 - 2020) in the UE Studio Tötzham under the direction of Slavko Spionjak and Ben Leinenbach. The disc was mastered by the renowned Stephan Zeh @ die:mischbatterie. Grandiose vocals and great guitars, fat brass and rich percussion, as well as a slightly different accordion blend into the clever compositions to create a powerful yet transparent sound. The texts, whether narrative or bold, serious or playful, are staged with great care and wordplay. The ABM orchestra showed an enormous amount of love for detail on their album "Anders". This applies not only to the individual tracks, but above all to the elaborately designed CD cover by Wasserburg artist Anna Schöll, which contains a 20-page booklet and a hand-folded heaven-and-hell. So this album will definitely become a collector's item! "Different" is a homage to "being different", the "many folds", the "waste of time" and of course love in all its shades. As such, the album can also be understood as a very clear statement for mindfulness, acceptance and inclusion.

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