Just & Margit
by Wanninger, Franziska

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Franziska Wanninger's first solo program is called "Just und Margit" and is a wild potpourri of Bavarian scurrilities. Going to a wedding as a single woman in your late twenties? And in the countryside, where almost everyone has already chosen the right tiles for their bathroom by their mid-twenties at the latest?

With this typical starting situation, the up-and-coming cabaret artist takes us into the shallows of her Bavarian homeland, playing her way through the most diverse bizarre situations with acting precision. Franziska Wanninger uncovers them, the insidiousness and rituals of rural life.

She tells trenchant and fast-paced, subtly biting, but also endearingly rousing stories about self-built bathtubs, the lowered BMW, eternal studying, dreams beyond the white sausage equator, the separation from Thomas and the eternal question of whether love really passes and hectares exist.
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