Sekt und wuide Weiber
by Blues Lick

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The album „Sekt und wuide Weiber“( champagne and wild women) promises a good deal of blues with interesting words. In the titlesong of the album for example Lick deals with lost opportunities and the disability to change situations one can hardly bear. Though Louisiana Schorsch (Louisianna George) boasts about his abilities he actually is unable to change his life. Well everybody has been in a situation where he should have acted differently but did not. In his satirical texts, like the Gerichtsvollzieher (bailiff; marshall) or Bayern Rock (bavarian rock) Lick lets his excessive protagonists expose themselves in the end. „Sekt und wuide weiber“ features  the dry and rootsorientatet bluesy sound typical for Blues Lick - with heart and soul.

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