Trance Alpin
by Delago

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Alphorns meet Didgeridoos
Trance, a dreamlike state of conscience, which is very welcome from a spiritistic and shamanistic point of view and opens the mind for stimuli from within, is the central topic of this alpine music.
"Trancealpine" is a kind of kind of musical portrait of the inner life of Tyrolean multi-instrumentalist Hermann Delago. Like his earlier albums "Didge goes World" (PRUDENCE 398.6526.2) and "Gado Gado" (Prudence 398.6537.2) it builds bridges to ("trans") exotic musical traditions.
As alphorns meet didgeridoos, thoroughly composed pieces for brass and percussion are connected with interesting sounds from Asia, Africa and America.
Like the names of these three continents the titles of all seven tracks begin with the first letter of the alphabet: A. "Aqua" ("water") has a key role. The forces of nature, religious ideas and sentiments like "Heimat" (i.e. the place, where one feels naturally at home) are also fundamental elements of the album‘s concept. Thus "Trancealpin" illuminates the various basic elements of the "conditio humana".

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