Single "Catch Me If You Can"
by Schild, Udo

CD no.


"Catch Me If You Can" is one of the catchiest songs of Udo Schild and at his concerts have long been a "huge hit". After a short guitar intro the song immediately goes into cardiac, abdominal and leg. In timeless sound robe with double bass, jazz drum set and the Wurlitzer keyboard played by Xaver Fischer, Udo Shield sings his song of a disappointed love, with a voice like "Dark Chocolate". Stefan Raab discovered the potential of this song, and published it on the debut CD of Max Mutzke.

"Reason" is a wonderful example of the sophisticated "Jazz / Pop" songwriting by Udo Schild. Imagine, the „Keith Jarrett Trio“ playing with an acoustic guitarist and soul singer…and it sounds like summer, far away from the big city lights.

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