Real Life Never Stops
by Z

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The basis of ‘Real life never stops’ are titles Marcator produced from 1978-1983. Some were released on cassettes in limited editions. They are all based on electronic sounds created on analogue synthesizers (Moog, Roland Modular System etc). ‘Z’ added guitars, bass, drums, sound effects and voices to these titles to create a contemporary musical experience of prog rock and psychedelia while retaining the magic of vintage synthesizer music. There was no MIDI, no timecode at the time of creation, so the new sounds that were introduced are all live recordings.
It is more than 70 years ago that Charlie Chaplin held ‘the greatest speech of all time’ in his film ‘The Great Dictator’. Today his message of peace and understanding is as important as it was in his age so ‘Z’ used it as a framework for the album. Together with Kennedy’s disarmament speech ‘Peace in all time’ it can serve as a vision for a better future world.

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