Die größten Misserfolge
by Marionetz

CD no.


Re-release of the 1992 album with three bonus tracks:
Track 21: "Nacht für Nacht" is a demo track with Stefan Zauner
Track 22: "Sternentango" is a song for the film series "Unsere Nachbarn die Baltas" (Our neighbors the Baltas) (BR)
Track 23: "Spielgefährte" was not selected for the „Großen Misserfolge" at the time because of its excessive length, but was a permanent fixture in the 1900 live set.
On the biggest successes, the original drummer Christian Trautner /aka Early Ledder from the Jetzt Knallts record is back on board, joined by Marion Ätz, a beautiful 21 year old bass player who also sings fantastically. Sigi Pop changes now from the bass, later from the keyboard now to the guitar.The formation impresses with funny hippie costumes, high musicality, polyphonic singing and funny cover versions of Beatles, Abba or even Judas Priest in German (Brich das Gesetz) - where even Priest greet praising about lyrics & production.
The best sounding of all Marionetz records until then. Produced by Sigi Pop. Trini Trimpot's Tote Hosen label was keen to release the album - but Sigi preferred to meditate and travel the world. "A big mistake..." as he admits later.

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