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Zwoastoa, the Munich Gstanzl Sound Orchestra, has succeeded in further developing their unmistakable sound on their fourth CD entitled "Woidrand". They cover a wide range from Balkan, electro and world music, so that the songs do not fit into any pigeonhole. Zwoastoa manage to create and consistently continue their consistent sound with their own style. Pieces known from concerts like "Gemma Gemma" alternate on the new album with previously unreleased pieces like "Barfuass" and "Dadiwiariwoit".

In the studio Zwoastoa was supported for the recordings by well-known guest musicians such as Bernie Maisberger (IRXN), Andi Königsmann (Weiherer and the Dobrindts) and Ludwig Himpsl (Unterbiberger Hofmusik). Biting, Bavarian, anarchic. Keyboard, accordion, guitar, bass, drums and the voice of Ludwig Wiedenmann form an incomparable mix from Africa, Jamaica, Detroit and Ötztal - rapidly stomping rhythm paired with Bavarian lyrics. With this mixture of pop, reggae and rock they make young and old dance at their concerts.

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