Geäußerte innere Angelegenheiten
by Janus M.

CD no.

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The world is out of joint - probably more than ever. What it needs are contemporaries who relentlessly show the woodshed to eyes and ears and yet continue to believe in the healing power of love. "Geäußerte innere Angelegenheiten" gathers short spoken lyrics and a handful of songs, of which "Reise durch die Zeit" and "Anthropozän" illustrate Janus M.'s distinct melancholic side. "Du tust gut" is a thank you to the most important person by his side. "My world has your face" tells about how extremely life changes through own children. The duet "We are the people of today" reveals that Janus M., a sociologist with a doctorate and longtime radio host, also feels a longing for global harmony despite all skepticism.

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