Inner Circle
by Weineck, Joe

CD no.


For film producer, inventor and composer Joe Weineck, boundaries, stylistic definitions have always been a challenge to dissolve those very barriers, to harmoniously combine styles, to create something new, to surprise, and to make images and emotions audible and visible.

Joe likes to use the study of composition to confidently ignore the boundaries of his discipline. Hues become timbres, images, memories and feelings that we remember fondly, even if we never experienced them before.  In parallel to music, Joe has participated in about 150 film productions since 1975 and produced feature films in France, England and the USA for 10 years. After that, back in Germany followed an excursion into IT, so-called self-learning computer systems to "semantic computing", then the first app in 2001 and many more inventions (that you would never guess). Then came the commitment to the Inuit, whose fear of being robbed of their raw materials is absolutely justified. Until today, the interests of the indigenous people could be protected, which required superhuman effort. Despite all this, the music, composing, jamming and producing remained the source of strength and nourishment for the soul.
Inner Circle is the 3rd CD from the cycle with many lounge and ethnic elements, soft beats, melodies, as well as some upbeat pieces to enliven.
The production internally called "Ohrlaub", stretched over 6 years (2021) and includes about 100 compositions. Many international and regional musicians have contributed, added their sound colors and enriched with personal touch. Thomas Groß, a studied saxophonist participated in some studio sessions and was very eager to experiment.  Mathias Dörsam, whose saxophone sounds are soft and musical. An extremely versatile professional virtuoso who is always an asset.

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