Spuren (Lieder über das Leben)
by Busch, Dirk

CD no.

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Many people know Dirk Busch as an interpreter and songwriter especially through his funny and often self-ironic songs like "Sie beisst und kratzt“, „Du bist keine Mona Lisa" or „Ich zieh den Bauch nicht mehr ein“ and many more. But his fans and people attending his concerts know very well his serious, poetic side with his songs about life and our limited time we are allowed to spend on this planet.  These songs, thoughtful, sometimes melancholic, but always energizing, have always had a special significance for Dirk Busch and his audience, and he felt the need to give them an equally special place with this special album of songs from 40 years ago. „Spuren" reveals much of what Dirk Busch is concerned with and concerned about. He knows about the finiteness of our existence and does not fade it out. And he knows that only by becoming aware of our limited reality of life can we understand life as an opportunity. Day by day. These quiet songs by Dirk Busch are balm for the soul in an increasingly confusing and insecure time, in which the "loudspeakers" set the tone far too often

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