by Tibetrea

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„I saw a path spreading before me … now I have walked it in five different ways.“

With their fifth album "Penta" (Greek prefix for "five") the musicians from Tibetréa follow fantastic paths again, but they follow this road in a completely new way musically. World music and Folk Rock melt into a danceable sound. However, they remain true to their liking for old stories and myths. You can expect legendary figures like the golem, uncanny encounters with the devil, magicians and witches and ancient rituals of the indigenous people of North America. The music ranges, inspired by the spirit of the traveler, between the fire of the south, the rhythm of the east, the mysticism of the north and all that on the instruments of the west. Rock sound with drums, electric bass and guitar, meets jazzy trumpet, magical singing and folk instruments such as whistles, cittern, didgeridoo or harp. This unusual combination creates Tibetréa's very own sound, which takes you on a journey through time and space. With this album, the five musicians have succeeded in expanding their characteristic sound without going astray from the path they have chosen. And yet "the road does not tell the traveler what to expect at the end of the journey" (old saying).

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