I'm Still Waitin'
by Udo Schild feat. Charlie Mariano

CD no.


1993 the Cologne label "AMMC" published the album "I'm Still Waitin '" by Udo Schild (then "Leon Delray"). The producers were Vera Brandes & Wolfgang Loos (Alphaville). It was recorded in the "Traumton studio" of Wolfgang Loos, in Berlin.
Udo Schild – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Wolfgang Loos – Keyboards & Linn Drums
Eddie Hayes - Horn
Charlie Mariano – Sax
Stefi Marcus – Bass
Horst Zaunegger – Bass
Andreas Weiser – Percussion
Michael Rodach – Electric Guitar
Bernd Kegel – Sitar
Kamalesh Maltra – Tabla
Donna Renee & Ron Randolf – Vocals

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