The Winds of Autumn
by Scholl, Bernd

CD no.


Everything seems clear and pure, the air and our thoughts. The autumn sun gives us new energy, at the same time the increasing darkness already puts us in the mood for contemplation and tranquility.

Sun, darkness, wind and silence - autumn has it all and we like it for that. Only when we live in harmony with nature and the seasons can we feel good and stay healthy.Under these Impressions, the new, wonderful and very emotional Bernd Scholl album "The Winds of Autumn" was created, which comes up with eight tracks. After the successful "Winter" album "Quiet Time" Bernd Scholl now dedicates himself musically completely to the autumnal season. After the solstice, the days become shorter and the nights longer again. So the new album starts with the very versatile title "Solstice" to continue with the title "Harvest Season" guitar-bluesy and novel. The absolute groover is represented by "October Sundance" with its catchy melody lines, before it continues with Gypsy acoustic guitars, melodic and also unexpectedly new again in the next track "Gypsy Soul". In the next composition, the spirit of "Autumn Colours" from the album "The View from here III" (2018) was resumed and finds a successful continuation with "Part II". How fast the wind can turn in autumn, you can experience in the track "Leaves in the Wind" - calm and movement in interplay. After a long time there is a very original and varied long track with "La Grotta Magica" (...inspired by Bernd Scholl's concerts in the natural cave Neandertal). With "Twilight Evening" the album "The Winds of Autumn" ends in a relaxed way.
The new work is something very special, because many new and interesting elements can be discovered and yet the musical signature of Bernd Scholl remains unmistakable!


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