Orient To Occident
by Weineck, Joe

CD no.


JoeWeineck, who has realized many compositions and productions since studying composition in the 1970s, ranging from rock to classical, from jazz to lounge, as well as fimmunik, always lets ethno sounds flow into his music.

The natural instruments and voices from all over the world enter into a symbiosis with rhythms of the "modern age" and instruments of the "modern age". Just as people in their cultures can complement each other cooperatively, music can exemplify this with an ease, weaving Orient and Occident together, into rhythms and tapestries of sound that invite you on a journey into a world where the sounds and grooves create something new through the melange, something harmonious and telling stories. This production is quasi also a voluntary abduction into a world, in which the separation between Orient and Occident does not exist, in which one can hear with closed eyes and see pictures, of the stories that are told.
Musicians like Mathias Dörsam on the saxophone shine on some titles, with Oriental Elevator Jan Friede (Kraan) plays drums and Markus Herrman guitar.

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