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In a universe, that is made up by vibrations and rhythms, the inspirations for a talented and creative rhythmicist can virtually come from everywhere and lead to complex and fascinatingly multi-faceted results - that and much more is what Munich drummer/composer Harald Kuempfel makes clear with the first album by his new project Drum’n’Space.
Kuempfel, whose ambition in composing and playing is “to touch the unknown”, seeks the inspirations for his excursions into new sonic territory at quite unusual sources: He built one track (“Science”) of the album around a sample of the computer enhanced voice of famous astrophysician Stephen Hawking (author of “A Brief History Of Time”), and together with his creative partner Manuel Lopez he searched the streets of New York City for interesting sounds and rhythmic patterns.
The fact, that he consequently avoids beaten tracks and all too familiar ways, made the man from Munich a much wanted drummer for live work as well for studio sessions. Though he learned the tools of his trade from prominent teachers such as Gerry Brown or Curt Cress, and claims to have been heavily influenced by the drumming of former Police-man Stewart Copeland, Harald Kuempfel never forgot to develop his personal, unique attitude and style. “From early on I always tried to find my personal expression away from the usual Jazz- or Rock-stereotypes.”
From the center of his unconventionelly constructed drum set Harald Kuempfel is always in control of all aspects of the “Drum’n’Space music - in the studio as well as on stage. “I am the director”, says the movie enthusiast and respected soundtrack composer, who often extracts the ideas for his compositions from “cinematic moods”.
Besides his desire to touch the unknown Harald Kuempfels work is also motivated by his hunger for “those magic moments, when I as a drummer can totally get off on the music we play” - the 12 tracks on this first Drum’n’Space album present plenty of these splendid moments!

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