Song Of The Dodo
by Marcator

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The title of the song and of the album derives from David Quammen’s book of the same name which deals with the mysteries of evolution and extinction. The dodo is a bird that died out centuries ago. The music on this album in its diversity feels like belonging to an endangered species, too. Influences from blues, jazz, folk and electronica create a musical variety that surprises with every song. World class guest musicians add their craft and inspiration to the original mix. On the 15 instrumentals Marcator plays a variety of electric and acoustic guitars, as well as dobros, sitar, mandolin and bouzouki. Brass and wind instruments (John McLou) and the fantasic harp of Marc Breitfelder contribute to a wider tonal range. Most of the songs were written on journeys in Southeast Asia, which is reflected in some of the titles. All numbers were conceived on the guitar mostly in open tunings.

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