Grundlos vergnügt
by Busch, Dirk

CD no.

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The artist himself puts it in a nutshell in his afterword to the booklet of this CD: "It doesn't always have to be the longed-for lottery win, the big career leap, the new car! It is the small things of everyday life that, with the right attention, give you enough reasons to be 'gratuitously happy'. The laughter of a child, the sight of a blossoming tree, the intimacy with your partner, the gratitude to be allowed to live! Especially nowadays and especially in our country we tend to take the gifts of our daily existence for granted and given. And then we complain for all we're worth, and we overlook how many positive things we can experience here and now, despite all the adversities - you just have to want to see them!" Twelve songs, twelve reasons to be happy!

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