Heimliche Hits - Seine Besten aus 40 Jahren
by Busch, Dirk

CD no.

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Secret hits? What's that supposed to mean? Hits, yes you know them, but they are never secret, they are almost the opposite!

So what does the artist want to tell us? It's quite simple:
That there has been a multitude of Dirk Busch titles in the four decades beyond the biting and scratching women, beyond Mona Lisa, rough winds, grandchildren and not drawn-in bellies, which also always found great approval in the concerts, but never stood in the front row. Dirk Busch has compiled a selection of some of these songs on this album. For him, they are as important artistically, musically and lyrically as the so-called hits. And he thought it was time to bring these "secret hits" to the edge of the stage. So please step forward!

Have fun discovering or rediscovering !

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