Last Knights Of The Prom
by Marcator

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Marcator goes Twang Like his two previous guitar albums (2007 – Coconut Time – Hawaiian music; 2011 – Song of the dodo - Blues, Boogie) Marcator’s new production ‘Last Knights of the Prom’ has a theme: Twang! Twang is the guitar sound that became popular in the late fifties with Duane Eddy and the guitar instrumental bands on both sides of the Atlantic. The melody is played on the low guitar strings with lots of reverb, echo and tremolo. This album contains Twang songs in the ‚classical‘ style but also titles from other genres like Country and Latin which were twangified. Marcator had his first Twang contact with an old Duane Eddy signature guitar which he played for several years before it was replaced by several Gretsch models which are the ‘holy grail‘ of Twang. More than fifteen different string instruments were used to provide a vast range of sounds. Amplifiers also play an important role in the sound and so vintage amps and cabs were employed for the real low end. Twang is not the only stylistic element in this production, there are also electronic and slide guitar parts which are typical of the Marcator sound of recent years, and which make it a contemporary album. A number of guests were invited to play on this production: Marc Breitfelder is a world class harp player, Marco Podobnik, a young jazz sax player and Thomas Antonczyk, (Sangit) Drums, who provides a dynamic live drive on several songs.. Almost all the songs of this album are previously unpublished and come from different periods of Marcator’s work. They were all newly produced for this release.

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