VOSS is one of the most requested German studio musicians, a man with a profound background both in pop and classical music. He has made his mark not only through his session work for the likes of Dionne Warwick, Errol Brown and others, but also a member of Germany's distinguished fusion band CODERA. But VOSS is also a man who took his time to carefully develop his own musical identity - only now fully presented on his long awaited first solo-album "Cravings"


The guitar style of VOSS has been influenced by Mark Knopfler, George Benson, Eric Clapton, Robben Ford and Larry Carlton, but the man from Bremen is far to talented and artistically ambitious to merely copy or emulate other people's acchievements. So the music VOSS offers now is delivered with an unmistakable very personal touch and on a level with the likes of Joe Satriani or Hilram Bullock - modern guitar music de luxe.


What VOSS and his producer Dirk Busch have put together in the form of "Cravings" is more than just another instrumental guitar album: with a carefully selected team of top-notch session players from Europe and L.A. (among them notables like Jimmy Johnson, Lenny Castro and Carlos Vega) they have created tracks with an astounding stylistic variety. There is more to this music than showy riffs and self-indulgent bravado: depth and taste! Each note is played with care and given its specific emotional meaning. And when VOSS allows himself occassionally to take a light and humorous approach, he does it with maximum style and sophistication: his tricky version of the evergreen "Guantanamera" is a fine example of musical wit and impeccable craftsmanship.

Discography: Music by Bernd Voss 1