by Oansno

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"Organic and regional food" as a musical motto - is that possible? Yes!!

While elsewhere unplugged is praised as a speciality on albums and concerts, OANSNO works completely without electricity. They don't use any artificial additives or technical flavor enhancers, the sound is natural and they harvest the ingredients for their music and lyrics on their doorstep. Nevertheless, the band mixes a club-ready sound and has fun spicing up their energetic grooves with Bavarian prose. Stylistic boundaries? Not at all, because the mix of ska, Balkan beats, hip-hop, reggae and the very original lyrics drives directly into the ear and into the legs. The music is characterized by the diversity of Munich and is as colorful as the life on the streets. The coexistence of different cultures is not an abstract motto but a lived everyday life - just as natural and unforced it is expressed in the titles of the new album. Just a live band that is accustomed to carry away the audience and bring them in a celebratory mood.
This, cheerful three-part singing and much more can be discovered with OANSNO. Atmospherically dense and coupled with looseness, joie de vivre and lightness, the music oscillates between different worlds. And if you look closely, you will notice the shine with which the Isarflimmern makes the Isar pebble shimmer...

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