Sog gscheid
by Hampel, Schorsch

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In the 16 new songs by Schorsch Hampel, all of them original compositions he creates an amazing bridge: On the one hand he captures his adaptations of North American Roots styles with one hundred percent authentic feeling - on the other hand in his lyrics he develops just also a very unique, enigmatic tone which is also one hundred percent white and blue like the music "blue".
This astonishing combination of seemingly contradictory is made possible by a decades-long maturation in several bands in which Schorsch has internalized the musical legacy of his personal heroes from Skip James to Peter Green deep into the own DNA.  And of course by a dazzling and eventful life, even the brilliantly completed baptism of fire on American club stages. And so you will find sounds in a variety of shades of blues on "Sog gscheid" various considerations of the full moon, notes from a motel room in Mississippi, almost Socratic Reflections on the lack of knowledge in knowledge (as in the title track), on refugee dramas, late friends and consumed dreams, evening walks and amours, and so much more - the blues knows no thematic boundaries, not even the Bavarian. Recorded in Munich and Texas are these 16 songs repeatedly crowned by Schorsch's splendid shades rich guitar, empathic accompanied by famous musicians of the Munich scene as Ludwig Seuss Uli Kümpfel, Fany Kammerlander, Oscar Kraus, Thilo Kreitmeier, Ferdinand Kraemer, Andreas Stiehler and Dr. Will

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