Lutz Moeller's compositional focus is on instrumental music. Always with a strong urge towards sentiment, even to the point of being prepared to look pathos in the sweet face in the service of the cause, playing with the cliché, the decontextualized listening experience, is a style-forming component of his musical work. The striving for perfection, perhaps due to a kind of Protestant work ethic, is repeatedly broken by the humbling experience of constant collaboration with various musicians, ensembles and orchestras, which leads to the realization that it is precisely the imperfection, the human factor, that lends depth to artistic expression.
And it doesn't always have to be the broad brush; small, intimate soundscapes also find their place in Lutz Moeller's stylistic repertoire. It is often the single note, a lone instrument or the noise that has become sound that opens the door to a completely new dimension of content or emotion.
Lutz Moeller is a pianist and composer for film and television productions and has received several awards for his work.
In addition to his work as a composer, he regularly writes and arranges for various orchestras and is booked as a live and studio musician. Lutz Moeller lives and works in his adopted home of Hamburg.

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