Mandat für Mai (OST)
by Moeller, Lutz

CD no.


The music for the new series format should have a Western feel. And perhaps a more acoustic sound. For a piano-playing composer, it is probably not the most rewarding task to develop a guitar-based, Americana-inspired film score that is able to pick up on the ambivalences and peculiarities of the characters portrayed and at the same time do justice to the dramatic twists and turns of the plot. However, after a little practice with the newly acquired resonator guitar and the accompanying bottleneck, something emerged that was transformed into a very audible result thanks to the active support of such wonderful guitarists as Martin Kursawe, Martin Huch and Thorsten Mewes.
And at the latest with the realization that the Vogtland looks more like Tuscany than the Midwest and that the western elements are to be understood more as a reminiscence, a sound was found with which the extraordinary protagonists are now musically accompanied through this season.

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