Notruf Hafenkante 1 (Original Filmmusik)
by O.S.T. Notruf Hafenkante

CD no.


Eclectic, pulsating and exciting: this best describes the music for the TV-series ’Notruf Hafenkante’, which celebrates a special anniversary in March 2022 with its 400th episode. This soundtrack album focusses on the season’s highlights between 2018 and 2022.
The series takes place in Hamburg, Germany’s famous seaport town, where big and petty crimes are dealt with by local police forces and medical emergency units.
Composer Michael Soltau and his team invented signature sounds for the diverse cultures and neighborhoods around the piers and docks of the river Elbe. Conflict and drama between eccentric characters, high-speed action, suspense and surprise are all part of this 30-track score. It also features strong themes and melodies and - unusual for the genre - deep emotions and atmospheres.

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