Die Rebellin (Original Soundtrack)
by Biehler, Oli

CD no.


"Die Rebellin" first broadcast in 2009 with Alexandra Neldel, Friedrich von Thun.

A film music, which fits very well into the emotional story of a young woman, who is looking for her self-willed and self-determined way in post-war Germany, through warm string - and woodwind colors. The idea of the composition and instrumentation was to let the music sound only through a string quartet at the beginning of the film {post-war turmoil, deprivation, barrenness } and then, in the course of the film, to expand this sound further and further to a warm, larger string quartet.
to a warm, larger string ensemble with woodwinds. Another peculiarity of the film score is that it was mostly composed, due to scheduling circumstances, it was recorded before the completion of the cut and thus has a certain classical has a certain classical "breath".

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