Herzkino Märchen (Original Filmmusik)
by Strasser, Therese

CD no.


The film score for the 5-part ZDF series "Herzkino Märchen" is classically scored: piano, strings and woodwinds form the musical foundation, whereby the strings are often used soloistically. The entire score contains only real violins; string libraries were omitted here for reasons of sound aesthetics. Celesta, glockenspiel and vocals add a magical touch. All music has strong melodies that have a great recognition value. In part, rhythm elements generated from the strings also drive the action. The melodies stay in the mind, and the viewer links the storylines accordingly. The music supports the emotional level of the characters as well as the magic of the stories, the old fairy tale with its conflicts and challenges, which the TV audience sometimes has to find in the modern setting. All tracks composed and produced by Therese Strasser. Mixing and mastering by Christoph de la Chevallerie.

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