Querelle (Original Soundtrack)
by Peer Raben / David Ambach

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1995, worldwide anniversary "100 years of cinema", in the same year Rainer Werner Fassbinder would have turned 50. To commemorate his person and work, Prudence releases the soundtrack to what he says is his most important work.

The book Querelle by Jean Genet was a scandal. The film Querelle is one of the most controversial, but also most successful screen works. The action takes place in the French port city of Brest. Murder, sexuality, love and betrayal are the cornerstones of the story. The sailor Querelle smuggles opium on board, kills his helper, gains access to the underworld, helps a teenage murderer - his great love - to escape and has already betrayed him.....
Peer Raben and David Ambach created the touching music for this film. A highlight certainly "Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves", sung by Jeanne Moreau.


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