New Horizons
by Mergener, Peter


Peter Mergener takes new steps with his new album New Horizons and there are new horizons, as the name of the album already says. Peter Mergener the musical head among others of the formation Software, celebrates as a solo artist with his numerous albums great success, so most recently in 2019 with the CD Astronaut, where he refers to the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

His numerous compositions have a wide range from pure Berlin School electronics to world music, cosmopolitan, lounge and rock music. From the beginning, his heart has beaten for cosmic music, which had its beginnings with Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. But Mergener was also influenced by Pink Floyd and he started recording music with synthesizers at the end of the 70's, some of which were later released on the first Lp's of Software. Mergener now returns to his beginnings with NEW HORIZONS and delivers an excellent album, which is characterized by very beautiful spherical pads, sequences and space effects. Inspired also by the imaginative planetary landscapes of his longtime companion James Webb, who was of service to Mergener and Software with his help in many technical areas. Some of these landscapes are also used in the artwork of the CD. The content of New Horizons, as the name suggests, is about new horizons and discoveries. Great sequencers, flowing harmonies, revival of the software style. Excellent atmospheric sequencer work for diving into new dreams.

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