Light Of The Moon
by Scholl, Bernd

CD no.


Chants by native americans welcome the listener in the first bars of the opening track „Indian Full Moon Spirit“ and take him on a journey that finally leads into the „Lunar Eclipse“. From the earthbound to the spheric - this bold link can only be forged by a master: Bernd Scholl, who ventures this difficult musical undertaking with his album „Light Of The Moon“ is an experienced and internationally well known New-Instrumental-composer. „The Light Of The Moon“ is Scholl’s eight album so far, his seventh on CD and his first on Prudence. Scholl music is unique for its artful combination of trance- or ethno-rhythms with spheric ambient sounds or mystic natural voices. His talent for extremly sensual soundscapes is another of the German composer’s big assets. Furthermore the multiinstrumentalist is one of the few musicians in the realm of New Instrumental Music who are able to successfully present their musical concepts live on stage. Scholl has not only performed on numerous festivals, he also loves to present his extraordinary aural trips on unusual places. So Scholl was the first musician to perform in the famous planetarium of the Deutsches Museum (German Museum) in Munich. About the albums title Scholl says: „The moon still hasn’t revealed all its mysteries to mankind, but life on earth is in many ways defined by the moon...its cycles define the rhythm of nature: of fertility, growth, regeneration, of passive and active phases...and the light of the moon accompanies us throughout the year - it can set free enormous power.“

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