Journey To The Windward Island
by Blonker (Dieter Geike)

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This album was released in 1995 at the "Prudence"-Label by BSC-Records. Guest musicians: Jürgen Wiegand: trumpet, Markus Kuczewski: e-piano. Produced and recorded by Dieter Geike, remixed by Frank Reinke at "Blonker-Studio". Coverpainting by Ulrich Schütt.

Press reviews:

Billboard, USA - January 1996

Although modern instrumental music is poorly represented in the charts, it is gradually gaining popularity in Germany. One of the most successful nonvocal acts is Dresden-born multi-instrumentalist BLONKER (alias Dieter Geike). Known primarily as a guitarist, Blonker plays all instruments on his senventh album "Journey To The Windward Islands" (Prudence), a self-produceed 10-track collection of his own compositions. The gently flowing melodies are delicately shaded by drum and percussion effects, and numbers such as "Take Off", "Oriental Circuit" and "Anchorage" symbolize a journey into the great unknown. A success in Russia, the album has sold 30.000 copies via Moscow based importer Apostrophe. This follos considerable airplay on Russian radio of an album that Blonker recorded two years ago, titles "The Tree Of Life" (it is released in the U.S. on Higher Octave). Meanwhile, Blonker's entire back catalogue, which also includes "Fantasia" (1980), "Windmills" (1981), "Homeland", 1983, "Inside" (1984) and "Time To Remember" (1989), has recently been released on CD all over Europe.

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