Fairy Of The Woods
by Stadler, Gary

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Composer and songwriter Gary Stadler combines melodic elements of world beat and symphonic wizardry to be one of the new millennium's forerunners in new age music.
He debuted in 1996 with the acclaimed album "FAIRY OF THE WOODS", a collection of enchanted Celtic compositions that brings legends and myths of Fairy folk to life.  Vocalist Laura Drew, also known as Singh Kaur and Lorallei with previous albums, lent her voice to Stadler's 1998 Celtic inspired album "Fairy Nightsongs". This album is filled with haunting melodies, tender lullabies and timeless visions of Celtic fairy traditions.
In 2000, on Gary's third album Fairy Heart Magic, each song like a page from a Fairy tale book, portrayed both a delicate and delightful innocence to a deep wisdom and mysterious grandeur. This album was the Runner Up in the World title category at the International New Age Trade Show in 2001. August 2003 saw the release of Gary's fourth album, "Reflections of Faerie". His fifth album is to follow in 2004, a collaboration with harpist Lisa Lynne and vocalist Wendy Rule.
A mystical and enchanting instrumental album that combined Stadler's heartfelt piano with his sensitive keyboard orchestrations, sounds of violin, dulcimer and crickets, "FAIRY OF THE WOODS" has been a major bestseller in the book and gift store market, remaining in the top 10 for over a year.  It has sold over 100,000 units so far.

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