Garden Of Tiki
by TAU

CD no.

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Three exceptional musicians unite their creative powers for their common project TAU: multi-instrumentalist Urs Fuchs is known for his work with acts such as Charlie Mariano, Sally Oldfield, Farfarello, Vocaleros, Clannad or Can-member Jackie Liebezeit. In 2001 PRUDENCE released the album "Eurosonic Experiences" a collaboration with EROC (Wolkenreise), in 2003 his first solo album  "Fields Of Vision" (feat. Rosko Gee, Axel Heilecker, Helmut Zerlett etc.) saw its release on PRUDENCE.
During his long and impressive career violinist and vocalist Thomas Kagermann has made himself a great name through his collaborations with artists like Jan Akkerman, Andreas Vollenweider, Klaus Schulze a.o.. Vocalist, saxophone player and dancer Andrea Saphira Leonhardi contributes a distinctly female element to TAU.

Together the three have founded the project "TAU-Music" on a bright but contemplative afternoon in spring of 2002. Since then they have won many friends and a mature musical profile for TAU through many successful live appearances. "TAU-Music" is spiritually inspired world music, multi-cultural in the best meaning of the word, with grooves that never overpower but gently embrace the listener. With its soulful melodies and affecting rhythms the first TAU album "Garden Of Tiki" is an enchanting document of their positive powers.

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