Going Home
by max.bab

CD no.


The qualities that most captivated the audience, not to mention the critics, on the previous album “max.bab”, now appear in even greater perfection in the new record “Going Home”. Filled with beautiful composition of a dreamlike and sensitive nature, yet still vivid and energetic, max.bab performs their music with maturity and a strong sense of interaction, leaving every audience in state of excitement and enthusiasm. The history of this band is decidedly deeper than most. It has been more then seven years that the roots of max.bab have been allowed to grow, cultivating their unique sound with their prolific work throughout Germany. Even though the members of max.bab are still in their mid twenties, they have grown above and beyond the category of young talent. As many club-owners, agents, and major record labels have recognized, this is an extraordinary group, one worthy of the often comparisons to established stars such as E.S.T., ready to make their own mark in music. This new album leaves no doubt: max.bab have successfully elevated themselves into the international Jazz-scene.

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